Dairy Products

- UHT Longlife Fullcreamed and Semi-creamed

Milk in Tetrapacks of different sizes.

- Evaporated and Condensed Milk in Cans.

- Milk Powder in Cans and in Bags.

- Cheese in all kinds and types.

- Butter and Butter Ghee.

- Baby Food.

We can also supply other food products which are not listed, i.e: Eggs, Mayonaisse, Chicken...etc, all are upon




- Pure Olive Oil, in bottles or/and in Cans.

- Vegetable and Edible Oil also in bottles or/and



Fruits and Vegetables

-Tomato and Tomato Paste in Cans and Packets.

- Fruits and Fruit Juices in Cans and Packets.

- Canned Vegetables varity.

- Dried Fruits,Vegetables, and Nuts.

Confectionery and Biscuits

- Different kinds of Chocolates Bars, Tablets, in

Tins or Packets.

- Biscuits and Waffers.


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